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Jam Jam :

Tool : Sketch / Invision / accelerometer sensor / Socket.io

This is a mobile app that solves the world’s greatest problem…who gets to control the music playlist?

Jam-Jam is a playful and democratic music player that helps create a mixed playlist that everybody can enjoy.


I love music and we all love music.

Music is always on in our lives.
Music is powerful as it can change  the mood of the environment and the people that reside in it.

These shared musical spaces bring out strong emotional connections between each listener. Hip-hop, jazz, classical; All these different genres deliver all different emotions and moods, depending on where we are and who we are with.


However, sometimes an annoying situation happens when we are listening to music together with friends.Someone needs to control the music but it is hard to satisfy everyone because we all have different musical tastes. If there are more than two people in the same room who have different musical taste, Who will control the music?

 There are several music services that people usually use these days, Spotify, apple music, youtube, they all have their own way to collaborate music list with others, but I wanted more fun and dynamic interaction and make people to participate in a real time. These thought led to my next question.


How can I shuffle music playlists in a fair and equal way?

Based on this question, my goal was to find an answer to  this small dilemma in my own playful way. So I ended up with two key words,

"Competition"  +  "Shuffle"

Making people to compete for their music! But I wanted the users to focus on the music-listening experience rather than the competitive action.

so I chose a simple and dynamic “shaking” interaction for the game. It is fast and dynamic, so that users may quickly associate this action with the process of mixing music.

User case

Just imagine you are chilling with your friends in your place having a home party
or relaxing at Central Park or driving to somewhere.

You guys want to turn on some music, but whose music?
There must be some people who want to control the music or maybe no one.

Use this app in these cases.
Make everyone to participate to share their music tastes.
If someone wants to play his/her music more, than they should win the game,
and if someone doesn’t want to play his/her music, than let them just relax.