One Day One Hope:

Augmented Reality experience in your first page of the newspaper which gives you hopeful message everyday.

Augmented Reality, 3D Interaction, Mobile App
Tool: After effects / Aurasma (HP reveal)


Even though we read news through smartphone thesedays, we can still see newspapers around us and mostly big news or bad news covers the first page of the newspaper everyday. I started to think about how I can provide positive energies to people from these political, social and environmental problems. 

What if the words/characters can break apart from the news and create another sentence which can bring a positive and hopeful feeling to readers? 

I got inspired by the floating text animation.


1. Seperating letters
First, I choose one setence and find each letters from the news paper and seperated them as a layer.

2. Animation
Then I animated each character to float around and become one sentence at the end.

3. Prototype
By using Aurasma studio(which is HP reveal now), I set the first page of the newspaper as a target image and add the animation I created.