Picself is a playful mixed-reality installation that people can decorate their own background with
their hands and take photos.

Physical installation

Team : Amanda Lee / Seyoung kim

Tool: Leap motion / Arduino / p5.js / seriously.js


This project was inspired by Sticker photo booth which was a big trend in Asian culture. We tried to reinterpret that experience using motion sensor and chroma key effect. As our generation uses hand gesture as a new interface these days, we treid to apply a new type of drawing tool by combining physical interaction and hand gesture which has an instantaneous response by user’s interaction.


We used :  
  • Seriously.js :  real-time Chroma key effects
  • Leap motion with P5.js for drawing sketch
  • Webcam
  • Arduino


1. If the users stand front of the webcam, they will be able to see themselves through the screen with black background.
2. They have to move their hand above the motion sensor (leap motion) and then the drawing will be blended to their background.
3. They can change the brush type and the stamp shape using the physical box which is installed front of the users.
4. After finishing decoration, they can play with other green props and take photos with friends which will be sent to the Picself archive website.


[ coding ]

We started from a simple line using leap motion sensor and figured out how to detect motion and draw a line in 3 dementional space (x,y,z). Then we added colors and chroma key effects on our sketches to make more playful experience connecting with physical inputs such as switch and buttons.

[ user testing ]

Our first user test was play testing using papers and white board to test how this concept works for other uesrs. Based on the feedbacks, we updated our user flow and tested out serveral times with rough prototype.

[ fabrication ]

We measured the box size based on the movement area of the motion sensor and used CNC machine to cut out the wood board.
For the front board, we used white acrylic board to print and cut out the information graphics using lazer cutter and covered our messy wires which are connecting with physical buttons and arduino.