Team : Amanda Lee / Se young kim
Tool: Leap motion / Arduino / p5.js / seriously.js

Picself is a playful mixed-reality installation that people can decorate their own background with their hands and take photos.



This project was inspired by Sticker photo booth which was a big trend in Asian culture. We tried to reinterpret that experience using motion sensor and chroma key effect.
As our generation uses hand gesture as a new interface these days, we treid to apply a new type of drawing tool by combining physical interaction
and hand gesture which has an instantaneous response by user’s interaction.


We used

Seriously.js : real-time Chroma key effects + Leap motion with P5.js for drawing sketch + Webcam + Arduino

How it works

  • If the users stand front of the webcam, they will be able to see themselves through the screen with black background.

  • They have to move their hand above the motion sensor ( leap motion ) and then the drawing will be blended to their background.

  • They can change the brush type and the stamp shape using the physical box which is installed front of the users.

  • After finishing decoration, they can play with other green props and take photos with friends which will be sent to the Picself archive website.


Coding : 

User testing : 

Fabrication :