Mobile application

Tool : Sketch / Illustrator / Invision

Roommates is a mobile application for roommates which help them to communicate with each other in a fast and direct way. Through this application they can update notes, make a payment, send messages to their roommates.


I have a roommate and lots of my friends have roommates.
Each roommate has their own rules but there are common things we usually do :

  • Roommates usually split payments using Venmo, PayPal or cash. (for Rent, Wifi, utility fee or household goods)
  • Roommates usually need to give a notice about bringing friends, having a party or any other situation.
  • Roommates usually use a message to communicate with each other.

It’s hard to memorize every note we made each other and sometimes I also forget to pay utility fee in due date.
What if these functions can combine in one single application and give us a notification?

Other application

Most popular apps for roommates:

We are using several apps for different purposes to communicate with roommates.
To talk to each other, people mostly use i message, facebook message, Whatsapp.
To split money, people use Venmo or Splitwise. Some people also use OurGroceries to buy stuff together.
I tried to figure out the most important functions for roommates like messages, splitting payment and put them together in one application.

Wire frame / User flow

Screen design