Interactive dance film - visual & interaction

Interactive dance film

Performer - Chaery Moon
Visual artist (shooting/editing/web) - Amanda Lee
Tool - AfterEffects / Three.js

“Voyage” is a dance film which represents Chaery’s dance life which is crossing over and over between eastern and western culture.
We used Chroma key effects to blend her movements to traditional eastern paintings and western paintings.
To develop this project, I used WebGL (three.js) to make this film more creative and interactive, so people can scroll right<->left to see how the chroma key effect works in a real time and also zoom in/out and rotate the video.

This type of interactive film can be displayed at touch screen billboards or in exhibition spaces, so people can interact with the film directly.

full video


  • Shooting using greenscreen

  • After Effects

  • Three.js for interaction